4 new health profiles now available!

4 new health profiles now available!

Last March, Medfuture launched 12 exclusive panels aimed at people who want to act proactively on their health. Since their launch, health profiles continue to gain popularity and contribute to our vision of offering personalized service to our customers, who are keen to be in control of their health.

In order to respond to the great demand for certain health conditions, Medfuture is now launching 4 new health profiles:

These profiles include a consultation of approximately 30 minutes with a health professional, a laboratory request for analyses, a home collection service, private laboratory analyzes and follow-up of results.

Hormonal profile - Female

This profile helps women experiencing hormonal changes, for example the appearance of menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, etc.). A hormonal imbalance can have various adverse effects on the health and well-being of the person suffering from it. As women age, they experience the effects of hormonal fluctuations, sometimes even several years before menopause. Don't wait before consulting, this profile will allow you to take control of these changes and keep your body in good health.

Hormonal profile - Male

The Hormonal Profile - Men answers questions regarding erectile dysfunction, the impact of lifestyle changes and taking new medications that can have negative effects on your body. Hormonal imbalance is relatively unknown in men, but is just as present as in women. This profile helps identify the factors causing this imbalance and prevent future ones to keep your body healthy.

Screening profile - Lyme disease

Our Lyme disease profile allows people who have been exposed to tick bites to check whether they have contracted Lyme disease. Some people have few or no symptoms, while others have severe symptoms. The current laboratory test for Lyme disease is serological analysis to determine the presence of antibodies to the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi . The goal of this profile is to help you see things more clearly with Lyme disease.

Blood group profile

Do you want to know your blood type? The Blood Group Profile is perfect. Knowing your blood type allows you to obtain a passport (for certain countries) and makes it easier to prepare your medical file, such as planning a pregnancy, preparing for surgery or even donating blood. Knowing your blood type also allows you to know the risks for certain diseases to which you are exposed.

Health profiles: an effective solution for your health condition

It has never been easier to get answers to your questions about your health thanks to Medfuture Health Profiles! The process, divided into 5 steps, promotes the effectiveness of the approach in order to put the client in control of their health, quickly.

Step 1

2nd step
Step 3

Step 4

Step 5
Choose the profile suited to your needs, then choose the date and time of your telemedicine appointment (complete payment) A member of the team will contact you to confirm your identity and book your appointment for your blood tests at home Complete the documents received by email Follow the instructions for your telemedicine appointment and for your blood tests at home Receive a report of your results via phone call from one of our healthcare professionals

Select the Medfuture Health Profile that suits you and take charge of your health now.