Medfuture makes the front page of Santé Mag: How to Cure Aging

Medfuture makes the front page of Santé Mag: How to Cure Aging

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It is well known that everything becomes possible when you have health because there is nothing more precious. One of the great challenges of our time is to preserve and take care of our health, especially since we are adjusting our lifestyles to the era of coronavirus. We want to make the right choices and be in better control of our well-being in order to improve our longevity. To do this, the MEDFUTURE clinic offers personalized medicine with multiple options with the aim of maximizing not only our health but also our life expectancy thanks to the best technologies available in the medical world.


Established two years ago and brilliantly led by Mario Tremblay (robotics engineer and founder of the world-renowned RobotShop company), the MedFuture private clinic aims to guide its clients in rigorous and personalized medical monitoring following biomarkers very closely. MEDFUTURE is certainly still young but its expansion is impressive because in the winter of 2019, it acquired Myrrha Santé Inc, true experts and an essential reference in home blood testing in the greater Montreal region. Clearly, MEDFUTURE has the wind in its sails and with its multiple services offered, clinical professionals can help their clients take action on the state of their health, thus making it possible to prevent medical problems that could unfortunately arise in their lives. .


MEDFUTURE therefore offers more than 2000 possible tests, from simple blood tests and all routine tests as well as numerous prevention tests including, among other things, the measurement of a person's biological age and cellular age, such as Mario Tremblay explains to us here: ''At MEDFUTURE, we are the first to offer biological and cellular age measurement tests in Quebec, and even in Canada, and we are very proud of it. Chronological age does not always correspond to a person's cellular age and this is the kind of measurement we detect with telomere length tests. This test gives us an excellent scale on the longevity potential of our clients and for the most part, the results sound an alarm because with the rather sedentary lives that society lives, even when leading a good life, the stress factors of everyday life mean that we are often older cellularly speaking than our chronological age. MEDFUTURE can help people take charge of themselves in order to improve their cellular age. Basically, we must see old age as an illness that can be treated and not as an obligatory passage towards death which is a consequence of the illness.'' 


Of course, life moves at lightning speed with all our busy schedules and responsibilities, so sometimes traveling to take health tests becomes a task that we put off due to lack of time. In this case, MEDFUTURE's home service is the solution and customers greatly appreciate it. Several à la carte tests are offered directly to your home and in times of covid, precautions and safety measures are obviously applied and respected down to the smallest detail. And know that MEDFUTURE is one of the rare companies to be authorized by the Quebec government to administer covid tests for travelers.


MEDFUTURE's vision is based on the different technological stages of the 21st century and believes in the virtues of anti-aging, contrary to the generality of the moment leaning towards the approval of aging and death. Expert studies show that life expectancy continues to be pushed further and further into the future and there are three distinct stages that explain this possibility that one day humans will be able to overcome death.

FIRST PHASE; FROM TODAY TO 2030: The goal of this first phase is to prevent and intercept the most common causes of death and this is accomplished through a blend of nutrition, exercise, supplementation, early diagnosis and to take advantage of currently available technologies and processes. For example, there is, among other things, the telomere length test which is offered at MEDFUTURE in order to know one's biological age as well as other strategies helping to increase our longevity.

SECOND PHASE; FROM 2030 TO 2045: Thanks to biotechnology, it will be possible to correct multiple cellular damages that have accumulated in our body over time and thus avoid most fatal diseases. In this phase, it will be the era of genetic therapies, stem cells and replacement cells, cloning as well as organ printing among others which will have become common practices with the aim of stabilizing our biological clocks.

THIRD PHASE; FROM 2045 TO…: At the arrival of this phase, technology will allow man to merge with machines such as cyborgs. It will be the arrival of nanorobots (or nanobots) which will be programmable and very specialized and having the size of blood cells which will communicate and work together to replace neurons, blood cells and destroy infections, reversing degenerative changes and rewriting our genetic code. This is a revolutionary era that will fascinate robotics engineer Mario Tremblay, CEO of MEDFUTURE who is currently pursuing his studies in biomedical nanotechnology, and as he explains so well:

 ''The human body is a process, a machine. By applying engineering principles, closely measuring and monitoring specific biomarkers while taking actions to maintain and/or improve these biomarkers, the individual places themselves in an advantageous position for a long and healthy life. take advantage of future technological advances that will forever transform our view of death and immortality.''

And until this world comes to fruition, Mario Tremblay trains rigorously and aspires to run his first 50km ultra marathon when he reaches his 50th birthday. Here is an inspiring CEO who takes concrete actions to challenge the “machine” of the human body.