Medfuture launches 12 Health Profiles

Medfuture launches 12 Health Profiles

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Medfuture is launching 12 health profiles today, with the aim of tracking different health conditions.

Our new Health Profiles service is made up of 12 exclusive panels intended for people who want to act proactively on their health, and who wish to be informed of the status or progress of their condition. The launch of Health Profiles contributes to our vision of offering personalized service to our customers, who want to be in control of their health.

Here are the profiles we have developed:

The service linked to each profile includes a telemedicine consultation with a health professional (doctor or NP) from our team and an analysis of blood and/or urine biomarkers linked to the selected profile. Each analysis is personalized and adjusted to the client's unique health condition.

Medfuture specializes in the field of longevity, helping people who actively seek control of their health, their most valuable possession, live optimally and long. Medfuture is a facilitator that aims to slow down, stop or reverse the consequences of aging using tools to measure biomarkers linked to the processes concerned and concrete preventive actions, all with the use of cutting-edge technologies. Medfuture's multidisciplinary team offers a unique, human-centered experience.

Select the Medfuture Health Profile that suits you and take charge of your health now.