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At Medfuture, we strongly believe that medicine in the future will be decentralized and dematerialized, mainly technological, preventive, participatory and personalized. In this sense, our present and future services will always aim to help individuals take control of their health - and with as little friction as possible - so that they live as long as possible. Although we are always looking for new tests, services and products to add to our offering, we are also looking ahead to existing or non-existing technologies that will emerge with the rise of information technologies, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, cognitive sciences, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Here are examples of services we want to provide to our customers:

  • Preventive and personalized care plan;
  • Regenerative medicine;
  • Anti-aging therapy;
  • Use of technologies for real-time monitoring of biomarkers and other critical elements of your health;
  • ...