Initial consultation in Child Psychiatry - Telemedicine

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Mental health disorders in children and adolescents are more common than we think, affecting around 14% of all children aged 0-18. These disorders can include a variety of conditions, such as anxiety (separation anxiety, social anxiety, etc.), depression, attention deficit disorder (ADHD), oppositional disorder, late-onset enuresis, conduct disorders and eating disorders. They are usually caused by a combination of genetic, biological and environmental factors.

At Medfuture, we offer initial child psychiatry consultations from the comfort of your home via telemedicine.

Please note: As part of our child psychiatry consultation service, we adopt a child-centered approach to ensure a comfortable environment conducive to expression. Thus, it is often recommended that the child (if aged 8 or over, or according to their comfort level) participate in the consultation without the direct presence of the parents. This approach promotes open and authentic communication, allowing our healthcare professional to better understand the challenges your child is facing.

If the presence of a parent is necessary, we ask that only one parent be present during the consultation in order to maximize the effectiveness of the consultation while ensuring clear and concrete communication.

Who is this profile for:

If your child under 16 has one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty managing emotions
  • Behavioral disorders
  • Unexplained academic difficulties
  • Sudden changes in mood or behavior
  • Excessive anxiety or persistent fears
  • Social withdrawal
  • Self-destructive thoughts or behaviors
  • Sleep problems

then a consultation with one of our professionals will help you see things more clearly.

Medfuture offers telemedicine consultations to children and adolescents who need child psychiatry evaluation and treatment. This service includes care and support from a nurse practitioner specializing in mental health.

Before your consultation you must complete the documents which will be sent to you by email.

What this profile includes:

  • Pre-consultation questionnaire (to be completed for the child before the meeting)
  • Telemedicine consultation lasting 75 minutes with a mental health nurse practitioner
  • Child psychiatric assessment
  • Medication prescription (if needed)
  • Medical certificate (if necessary)
  • Updating your child's health


  • Blood sample and analysis (if requested by the professional)
  • Medical follow-up will be necessary following the initial assessment. The cost of the follow-up consultation is $225.00.


Our consultations and assessments are only offered to people who are in Quebec at the time of the telemedicine consultation. In the event that our healthcare professional prescribes laboratory tests, you have the choice of carrying out these additional tests at home with our private laboratories, or with the service of your choice.

We will send you the official receipt for your insurance claim by email, following your appointment. Blood samples and analyzes in a private laboratory, insurance or school forms are not included.