Allergen Profile: Complete Respiratory

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Who is this profile for:

Are you affected by pollen season or when going outdoors? Do you have endless respiratory symptoms, itchy eyes, runny nose and obviously it's not the flu or a cold? This profile is for you, and includes dosing for over 30 different common allergens found in the air that affect respiratory health.

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What this profile includes:

  • Telemedicine consultation lasting 15 to 30 minutes with a health professional
  • Laboratory request for the following analyses*:
    • Dust, mites and mold:
      • Mites
      • Alternaria alternata
      • Aspergillus fumigatus
      • Candida albicans
      • Cladosporium herbarum
      • Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus
      • Hemithosporiu, halodes
      • Penicillium notatum
      • House dust
    • Animal hair and bird feathers:
      • Duck
      • Cat
      • Dog
      • Turkey
      • Goose
      • Chicken
    • Grasses, weeds and trees:
      • Artemisia
      • Alder
      • Birch
      • Oak trees
      • Maple
      • Grass (bahia, cynodon, timothy, meadow bluegrass, English rye grass, Aleppo sorghum)
      • Ragweed
      • Beech
      • Hazel
      • Walnut
      • Cottonwood
      • Dandelion
      • Willow
      • goldenrod
      • Ox-eye vergette
  • Blood collection at your home
  • Blood tests in private laboratory
  • Tracking your results

Note: The time frame for receiving full results is 7-10 business days.

Your results will be available via the Medfuture mobile app. You will be notified by text message as soon as your results are available.

No available for children under 5 years old. For children under 10 years old, several sampling appointments may be necessary and additional fees ($40 per appointment) may be added.

***If you make an appointment for a child or a loved one, please note that the child or loved one must be present during the consultation***

Please note that the date and time of the appointment to choose are for the telemedicine consultation with a health professional. A member of our team will contact you to schedule your home samples.


This profile aims to provide you with information on health markers that may explain an allergic reaction. We invite you to consult your family doctor if you wish to obtain complete care, a prescription or a renewal for medication intended to treat an allergy.

*Please note that our consultations are offered via telemedicine only, with a doctor or a specialized nurse practitioner (IPS). The laboratory requisition requirement may vary depending on your condition. Our healthcare professional may add or remove tests depending on your situation. Prices will be adjusted accordingly.

Our consultations and assessments are only offered to people who are in Quebec at the time of the telemedicine consultation. In the event that our health professional prescribes more analyzes than those already included in the assessment, you have the choice of carrying out these additional analyzes with our private laboratories or in the Quebec public health system.

We will send you the official receipt for your insurance claim by email, following the nurse's visit to your home.