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Clinique Medfuture inc. today announces the acquisition of Myrrha Santé Inc., a pioneer in home blood testing in the greater Montreal area.

Mirabel, Quebec, Canada. - Clinique Medfuture announces the acquisition of Myrrha Santé, which since 2003 has offered at-home blood tests and private laboratory analyses.

Following the very recent investment by GNR Revolution inc., the acquisition of Myrrha Santé will allow Clinique Medfuture to continue its momentum in order to position itself as an important player in preventive health care services. In addition, the company recently launched new genetic tests on the Quebec market to assess biological age as well as a store intended to offer products based on the latest advances in the field of biotechnology in order to slow down aging.

“Knowing that blood testing is today the main measure of our health, this act takes on its full importance.” mentions Mario Tremblay, General Director of Clinique Medfuture. “Myrrha Santé’s expertise aligns perfectly with our vision and strategic plan. We fully intend to build on this foundation in order to offer more added value to our customers”.

Myrrha Santé's operations and existing staff will be completely integrated into Medfuture.

The company will offer a virtual medicine service from April 1, 2019 and plans to expand its range of services and products in the future, including regenerative medicine and anti-aging therapy.

About Clinique Medfuture Inc.

Clinique Medfuture's mission is to improve the longevity of their clients through prevention, the use of cutting-edge technology and the practice of advanced medicine. The company currently offers a home or business blood sampling service, more than 2,000 laboratory tests and analyzes with most results within 24 hours, whether routine tests or more specialized preventive genetic tests, in addition to 'an online store offering anti-aging products.

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About Myrrha Santé inc:

Myrrha Santé quickly became a leader in the metropolis by increasing the number of mobile units and diversifying laboratory diagnostic tests. Home and business blood collection services combined with 24-hour results will have served as an alternative for thousands of people who do not want to waste time in queues.

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