Discover a biomarker of aging: Biological age DNAm Phenoage

Discover a biomarker of aging: Biological age DNAm Phenoage

In this second part of our newsletter series on the Medfuture Application, discover your real age thanks to DNAm Phenoage biological age . Considered the most accurate epigenetic biomarker, this revolutionary test is now essential for assessing aging, lifespan and health . But what exactly does this mean and how can it benefit you?

Thanks to the Medfuture Application, deepen your knowledge of the real state of your health and thus act preventively to promote a long, healthy life.

What is DNAm Phenoage Biological Age?

DNAm Phenoage Biological Age is an accurate measurement of your biological age, based on a blood test that analyzes specific biomarkers. These biomarkers are key indicators of how your body is aging, reflecting the impact of factors such as stress, nutrition, exercise, and other elements of your lifestyle. This is one of the most popular and accurate methods for establishing the epigenetic clock.

By the way, “DNAm” refers to “DNA methylation”. Methylation is a biochemical process in which a methyl group is added to a DNA molecule. This change can influence gene expression, that is, whether a gene is turned on or off.

Unlike chronological age, which is simply a measure of the time since you were born, DNAm Phenoage biological age goes well beyond that. It takes into account the complex interaction between your unique genetic makeup and the various environmental factors you have been exposed to throughout your life.

What makes this measurement particularly fascinating is its ability to tell you whether you are aging at an accelerated rate or whether, on the contrary, your body is more resistant to the effects of time than average. By better understanding your biological age, you can take proactive steps to improve your health and longevity.

How is DNAm Phenoage calculated?

Phenotypic biological age – also called DNAm Phenoage – is defined as a set of observable characteristics of an individual that results from the interaction of their genotype with the environment. Your genotype represents your genetic blueprint, while your phenotype is how your genes are expressed in response to your lifestyle and environment . The Phenoage DNAm test measures these interactions by analyzing nine specific biomarkers in your blood, including C-Reactive protein, albumin, creatinine, glucose, lymphocytes, alkaline phosphatase, mean corpuscular volume, white blood cell count and width of distribution of red blood cells.

Why is PhenoAge DNAm important to you?

In 2018, a pioneering study conducted by UCLA under the leadership of Dr. Morgan Levine shed new light on this notion. The study aimed to identify reliable biomarkers to measure aging and the research team developed a new epigenetic biomarker of aging, called DNAm PhenoAge. The results demonstrated a significant correlation between biological age, measured by DNAm PhenoAge, and the risk of mortality from all causes. This means that two people of the same chronological age can have very different health risk profiles based on their biological age as measured by DNAm PhenoAge. In other words, knowing your biological age can give you crucial insights into your health and longevity.

How can I take advantage of this advancement?

We have integrated PhenoAge DNAm calculation algorithms into the Medfuture Application to put this biomarker of aging within your reach. With the Medfuture App, you can easily access your health data, track your biomarkers and monitor the evolution of your Phenoage DNAm over time. This will allow you to measure the impact of your lifestyle on your longevity. Find out your biological age by making an appointment for the DNAm Phenoage blood test .

How do I improve my Phenoage DNAm?

It is suggested that you have blood tests twice a year to measure the benefits of lifestyle adjustments you could adopt to improve your health and extend your lifespan. The artificial intelligence that powers the Medfuture Application also offers you advice on best practices for mastering your Phenoage DNAm, thus giving you control over your health.*

In short, DNAm Phenoage Biological Age is a remarkable advancement that can help you better understand your health and make informed decisions for your well-being. We are here to answer all your questions and support you in this process.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to schedule your Phenoage DNAm test.

*The content in the Medfuture app is provided for general information purposes only, with the aim of improving your well-being and quality of life. Certain information on the Medfuture application is generated via expert systems, algorithms and/or artificial intelligence. Although they are based on reliable data with a high level of scientific evidence, they do not constitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you suspect that you have a health problem, it is strongly recommended that you consult a healthcare professional before taking any actions based on the information contained in the application.