Medfuture invests in BioTwin

Medfuture invests in BioTwin

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MIRABEL, QC , November 29, 2022 - Medfuture announces an investment in BioTwin, a Quebec company developing innovative technology to create digital twins for humans.

A leader in the field of longevity, Medfuture aims to position itself as an important player in preventive health. The company has recently deployed numerous initiatives, including access to health professionals for health profiles, the opening of a clinic in Mirabel and the launch of the first version of its customer portal via a mobile application intended to become a true everyday companion for customers seeking a long, healthy life.

The concept of the digital twin is already well established in manufacturing, transportation, and even robotics. BioTwin wishes to apply the same principle to humans and provide everyone with a digital twin allowing the early detection of certain cancers, obesity, heart disease, as well as several changes in overall health. Ultimately, BioTwin's digital twin could enable, among other things, simulations of medical treatments as well as personalized diets.

The young Quebec startup, which has obtained 6.6 million investments to develop its technology, has already filed several patents and is attracting international attention. The company recently won the favorite prize in the Innovation category | Artificial intelligence at the ADRIQ gala.

“The investment in BioTwin was feasible mainly because of the added value that Medfuture brings to BioTwin’s strategic plan,” says Mario Tremblay , CEO of Medfuture. “Digital twins are not only a revolutionary concept that Medfuture wishes to offer to its customers, but it is also an opportunity for society in general. This technology will spread globally and, in the not-so-distant future, digital twins for humans may be as widespread in number as mobile devices are today. »

“BioTwin is pleased with the undeniable complementarity that exists with Medfuture, which becomes a key partner in our development,” underlines Louis-Philippe Noël, co-founder and general manager of BioTwin. “This funding will allow BioTwin to move more quickly to offer a broader range of services to its partners and users. »

Still in a pilot project, BioTwin exploits the power of artificial intelligence to build a digital twin using biomarkers from simple and regular samples taken at home (saliva, blood and urine) as well as biometric data captured by a smart watch and a bio-impedance scale.

BioTwin and Medfuture are currently working on a joint project which will be announced soon and will be available to the entire population of Quebec.

The longevity industry is exploding and the fields of preventive medicine, gerosciences, nutraceuticals, regenerative medicine, gene therapies and connected health are gaining momentum. This accelerated development is mainly due to advances in artificial intelligence and bioinformatics, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, robotics and cognitive sciences.

About Medfuture

Medfuture specializes in the field of longevity, helping people who actively seek control of their health, their most valuable possession, live optimally and long. Medfuture is a facilitator that aims to slow down, stop or reverse the consequences of aging using tools to measure biomarkers linked to the processes concerned and concrete preventive actions, all with the use of cutting-edge technologies and the practice of personalized medicine. Medfuture's multidisciplinary team offers a unique, human-centered experience.

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About BioTwin

BioTwin leverages AI, biomarkers and biometrics to create a virtual human copy. These digital twins will enable early detection and prediction of diseases and countless simulations. This technology will revolutionize the fields of wellness and healthcare by making personalized medicine a reality.

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