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Medfuture is today launching 11 Allergen Profiles to meet the high demand it is receiving.

Our allergen profiles were created with the aim of targeting the allergens that are the most common in the population in order to allow sufferers to quickly know the cause of their allergic reaction and thus take control of their health.

Our allergen profiles are suitable for those who, for example:

  • are affected by seasonal allergies or when going outside
  • have endless respiratory symptoms, itchy eyes, runny nose and obviously it is not the flu or a cold
  • often have physical reactions following meals of all kinds
  • can't put their finger on the food(s) that are affecting them
  • have a child who shows signs of allergic reactions without knowing the cause

Here are the allergen profiles that could help you see things more clearly:

The services associated with each profile include telemedicine consultations with our team of health professionals (doctor or IPS), analysis of blood biomarkers in the selected profile and reporting of your results by telephone call.

Medfuture specializes in the field of longevity, helping people who actively seek control of their health, their most valuable possession, live optimally and long. Medfuture is a facilitator that aims to slow down, stop or reverse the consequences of aging using tools to measure biomarkers linked to the processes concerned and concrete preventive actions, all with the use of cutting-edge technologies. Medfuture's multidisciplinary team offers a unique, human-centered experience.

Select the Allergen Profile that suits you and take charge of your health now.