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Most of our perceptions about human life in the 21st century will be overturned. Among these, the “pro-aging” attitude, that is to say, belief and resignation in the face of the inevitability of death, will completely change.

Many experts believe that within 10 or 15 years, we will add a year to our longevity for every year we live, which will push our life expectancy further into the future. Which means that today, those who are in their early fifties can have hope of overcoming death. The youngest, although they do not yet realize it, are the first generations of immortals.

We are aware that this introduction may seem shocking, as it touches on a very controversial subject. However, anyone who closely follows advances in longevity can only conclude that there is real potential for achievement. Indeed, humanity will experience a transformation on different technological levels, namely: artificial intelligence, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, robotics and cognitive sciences.

At the heart of this revolution lie biotechnologies which are the application to living organisms of scientific principles and engineering which will allow us to stay alive longer and in better health. Dr. Aubrey de Grey, a renowned bio-gerontologist makes the analogy with the automobile in his book "Ending aging" by asking: how long can it last? Of course, if maintenance is neglected, several problems will be visible before long and its lifespan will not be very long. This therefore depends a lot on preventive maintenance, the type of use and the environment. If we pay attention to how we use the vehicle, anticipate problems, repair damage, change parts from time to time with new materials and new technologies, then our car can last a very long time.

It's a bit the same thing with humans. Although we do not yet fully understand how the body works, why it ages and why certain diseases appear, our understanding is increasing exponentially, whether at the level of the human genome, proteomes, chemical processes and different metabolisms. Several strategies aimed at slowing down aging are being put in place, research is increasing and many scientists, including Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman, authors of the book "Transcend, nine steps to living forever", are of the opinion that within twenty years we will be able to stop aging, or even reverse it.

This therefore brings us to the purpose of Medfuture, which aims to be a facilitator and support to improve the longevity of our clients through prevention, the use of cutting-edge technology and the practice of personalized medicine.

This adventure can be described in 3 technological phases, as described by Kurzweil & Grossman in their book:

The first phase ( today-2030)

Le premier objectif est de prévenir et d'intercepter les causes de décès les plus courantes. Ceci est accompli grâce à un mélange de nutrition, d'exercice, de supplémentation, de diagnostic précoce et de mise à profit des technologies et processus actuellement disponibles. Par exemple, un des diagnostics les plus fiables à ce jour pour connaître son âge biologique est le test sur la longueur de ses télomères . In fact, cells stop dividing when telomeres become too short. Therefore, telomere length is considered an excellent biomarker of the regenerative capacity of a tissue and thus, of the aging of the organism. When it comes to supplements, one of the best examples is TRU NIAGEN® , a unique form of vitamin B3 clinically proven to safely increase your cells' ability to produce energy by increasing levels of NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), and which thereby supplies energy to sirtuins which considerably reduce the rate at which telomeres deteriorate, allowing our cells to live longer and work more efficiently.

These are some examples of strategies available today that help increase our longevity and thus reach the second technological era.

The second phase (2030-2045)

Here, with the help of the biotechnology revolution, we will be able to correct several cellular damages that accumulate over time in our body and thus avoid most fatal diseases. This damage was identified by the Dr. Aubrey de Gray Research Foundation as:

Dommages causés par le vieillissement

Année découverte

Biotechnologie de rajeunissement

Perte cellulaire, atrophie tissulaire

1955 1

Cellules souches et ingénierie tissulaire: RepleniSENS

Cellules cancéreuses

1959 2 , 1982 3

Retrait des machines à rallonger les télomères: OncoSENS

Mutations mitochondriales

1972 4

Expression allotopique de 13 protéines: MitoSENS

Cellules résistantes à la mort

1965 5

Ablation ciblée: ApoptoSENS

Rigidification de la matrice extracellulaire

1958 6 , 1981 7

Molécules brisant l'ÂGE; ingénierie tissulaire: GlycoSENS

Agrégats extracellulaires

1907 8

Clairance immunothérapeutique: AmyloSENS

Agrégats intracellulaires

1959 9

Nouvelles hydrolases lysosomales: LysoSENS

Genetic therapies, stem cells and replacement cells, organ cloning and printing, etc., will be common practice, all working in synergy to stabilize our biological clocks.

The third phase (2045 - )

At this point, man will begin to merge with machines, we will simply be cyborgs. The literature on this near future abounds, notably Flesh and Machines: comment les robots vont nous changer par Rodney Brooks, roboticien du MIT, qui a donné un aperçu des laboratoires où des robots étaient en cours de développement, et la singularité est proche: quand les humains transcendent la biologie , où l'auteur Ray Kurzweil parle d'un monde où les humains et les machines s'unissent, augmentant ainsi les capacités, les connaissances, la rapidité, la "transportabilité" et la "transférabilité" du processus de pensée.

The arrival of programmable and highly specialized nanorobots (or nanobots) , the size of blood cells, will communicate and work together to replace neurons, blood cells and destroy infections, reversing degenerative changes and rewriting our genetic code.

The world at that time

At this stage of technological advancement, we will live in a world of abundance.

Peter Diamandis (founder and executive chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation, pioneer of space aviation) and Steven Kotler (bestselling author and science journalist), describe it in their book "Abundance: the future is better than you think" , a book recognized and highlighted by the business, political and scientific communities.

Ils expliquent comment les progrès de l'intelligence artificielle, de la robotique, de l'informatique infinie, des réseaux à large bande omniprésents, de la fabrication numérique, des nanomatériaux, de la biologie synthétique et de nombreuses autres technologies en croissance exponentielle nous permettront de réaliser des gains plus importants au cours des deux prochaines décennies par rapport aux deux cents années précédentes. Nous aurons bientôt la capacité de satisfaire et de dépasser les besoins fondamentaux de chaque homme, femme et enfant de la planète avec de l'eau, nourriture, énergie, santé, éducation et liberté.  

L'abondance pour tous est à notre portée.


Et maintenant, pourquoi Medfuture ?

No matter your age, genetic disposition, goals or beliefs, whether you want to live forever or simply improve your quality of life, you need to know that you can take concrete steps today to improve your chances of achieving these objectives.

At Medfuture, we want to make the most of this adventure called life. We do it for us first and we share it with you.

Our mission: Improve the longevity of our clients through prevention, the use of cutting-edge technology and the practice of personalized medicine.

Our vision: To put the individual in control of their health, their most precious possession, so that they live as long as possible.

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Notable references to initiatives aimed at increasing human longevity:

Founded by Russian entrepreneur Dmitry Itskov in February 2011 with the participation of leading Russian specialists in the field of neural interfaces, robotics, artificial organs and systems. The 2045 Initiative scientific megaproject aims to create technologies that allow the transfer of an individual's personality to a more advanced non-biological vector, and prolong life, including to immortality.

Calico is a biotechnology company founded onby Google, in the secret Google In recent years, Google has become one of the main sponsors of the transhumanist movement, in particular through the massive financial support of companies dealing with nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, computer science and cognitive sciences (NBIC).

This company focuses on the study of the microbiome, genomics, bioinformatics and stem cell therapies to extend lifespan. It offers services including genomic analysis, personalized vaccines and cellular therapies, and is developing the Health Nucleus program for personalized medicine.

Transhumanism is an interdisciplinary approach that leads us to understand and evaluate the avenues that will allow us to overcome our biological limits through technological progress. Transhumanists seek to develop technical possibilities so that people live longer and healthier lives while increasing their intellectual, physical and emotional capacities.

List of research laboratories on aging in the world.

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