Your Health Reinvented: Discover the Medfuture Virtual Twin

Your Health Reinvented: Discover the Medfuture Virtual Twin

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We are pleased to introduce you to a significant step forward in your journey to optimal health: Medfuture's New Virtual Twin Profile . This innovation represents a step forward towards more personalized and precise management of your well-being thanks to an avant-garde approach.

What is the Virtual Twin?

The vision of the ultimate virtual twin is a comprehensive advanced digital representation of your health, integrating genetic, environmental, nutritional and lifestyle data. It allows you to visualize and act on your well-being with unparalleled precision. Currently, the Medfuture app offers you essential scores such as Cardiovascular Risk (Framingham), Metabolic Syndrome, and DNAm Phenoage Biological Age, providing you with essential information to understand and improve your health. Your virtual twin will eventually also be enriched with numerous additional indicators.

Note: The Medfuture App will be updated in the coming days to reflect these changes.

The currently available Medfuture Twin Scores:

Metabolic Syndrome Score : This score assesses the risk of developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, based on factors like blood pressure, glucose levels, and more.

Framingham Risk Score : A predictive tool to assess the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in the next 10 years, based on criteria such as age, cholesterol, and family history.

PhenoAge DNAm Score : This advanced score determines your biological age, providing insight into your overall vitality and potential longevity, compared to your chronological age.

Update your Health Information

Medfuture twin scores take into account essential information about your health, such as your blood pressure and current medical conditions. By updating your data in the app, you enable your virtual twin to provide you with the most accurate and personalized analytics.

Your health, our priority

With the Virtual Twin Profile, take a proactive approach to your longevity. This includes a telemedicine consultation, comprehensive laboratory tests, and professional follow-up, providing you with a detailed assessment of your health. Whether it's disease prevention, a deeper understanding of your overall condition, or optimizing your well-being, Medfuture is at your side.

New features coming soon

Be on the lookout! The Medfuture application will soon be enriched with new scores, new features and a new look to offer you an even more complete experience. Stay connected to discover the tools that will transform your approach to health.

Take Action and Live Better, Longer

Proactive health starts here. The Medfuture Jumeau is more than a technological tool; it is a partner in your quest for optimal well-being. Request your Virtual Twin Profile and let Medfuture give you back control of your vitality.